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10 Tips to create your Salah corner at home

10 Tips to create your Salah corner at home

We invite you to find a nice area in your house to create your Salah Corner, and we want to share some tips on how to decorate and create the perfect atmosphere.

1- Choose the space: It doesn't have to be huge, just a small area will be sufficient.

2- Find a fluffy carpet to cover all the area 

3- Choose a storage box to keep the prayer mat, prayer clothes and tasbih.      

4- Decorate the walls with led lights. You can easily find them here. They are very cheap and they really make a difference 

5- Keep your Quran and other islamic books in the area, you can use the storage box or keep them in a bookcase

6- Print your favorite Ayah or hadiz to inspire you in every Salah

7- Use bukhoor. It's amazing to pray and feel a good essence around. 

8- It is part of Islamic etiquette that a person should wear clean clothes and smell good during prayer. After all, it is your one to one time with the creator. So we encourage you to use nice prayer clothes, as Allah says in the Qur'an:

Children of Adam, dress well whenever you are at worship... ( Al Araf 31)

We have some nice prayer dresses in this website, but you can choose any other clothes that makes you feel good

9- You can also keep the area more private using sheer curtains. We love the ones from Ikea and you can also find them in Amazon, they are very affordable.

10- Use candles and lanterns, they create a very nice ambience. 

Remember to keep it minimal, neat and tidy. A messy space can easily distract one from concentration.

You can share your pictures with us on instagram of your Salah Corner and inspire other sisters. 





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