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Imagine a world where abayas and Muslim women dominate the scene, where we dress on our terms, making modesty the epitome of rebellious elegance. No more settling for leftovers or piling on layers to cover up. No more compromising ourselves in job interviews, fearing rejection for being true to who we are. It's time for a revolution.

We refuse to be at the mercy of others, relying on their fleeting trends. We reject being dictated to, left scrambling when oversized fashion suddenly falls out of favor. We're done with that. We're taking control, crafting our own destiny, and defining our own style.

Our vision is a world where we break free, where we shatter expectations and become the trendsetters, not the followers. We defy conventions, celebrating our unique modest fashion with audacity and pride. We reject conformity and embrace self-expression on our terms.

With unapologetic rebellion, we create our own fashion universe. We become the designers, the innovators, and the fierce forces behind the trends. We infuse our abayas with our spirit, blending tradition and edgy style to unleash a fashion revolution.

Together, we will inspire women across the globe to rise up, reclaim their power, and leave an indelible mark on the fashion landscape. Modesty becomes a symbol of strength, a statement of defiance against a world that seeks to confine us.



Spanish designer Sandra Olarte discovered her passion for patterns and sewing at the tender age of seven, under the guidance of her beloved grandmother.

In 2011, she embraced Islam, leading her to gravitate towards modest clothing. However, she struggled to find garments that aligned with her vision of modesty and style.

A turning point came when Sandra's path crossed with her Qur'an teacher. Witnessing her teacher donning a beautiful dress for prayer, Sandra realized the importance of dressing well for Allah. Frustrated by the lack of options, she embarked on a mission to create her own prayer dress, sharing it with the world. Today, Muslimahs worldwide don the renowned 145 One for Five Prayer Dress.


Basking in the success of her creation, Sandra knew that her journey had only just begun. With each stitch and every stroke of her design pen, she dreamed of empowering Muslim women further. Guided by the ethos of inclusivity and style, she embarked on a new chapter, taking a bold leap into the world of abayas.

Today, Sandra Olarte is not just a designer; she is a beacon of inspiration, transforming the landscape of modest fashion. Her abayas transcend mere garments, becoming expressions of individuality, confidence, and faith. Each design is meticulously crafted to harmonize tradition and modernity, enabling Muslim women to walk the streets with grace, confidence, and a sense of empowerment.

Join Sandra Olarte on her remarkable journey—a journey that celebrates the beauty of faith, craftsmanship, and inclusivity. Together, let us redefine the boundaries of modest fashion and embrace the elegance of abayas that empower and inspire.


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