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Prayer dress islam women jilbab one piece

Why you should own a special prayer dress?

There is a few reasons to own a special prayer dress. Here's some of them:

-It's a dress that you will use everyday, 5 times a day and it will be with you for many years, so it's worth to choose quality and to invest in a good piece.

-To have a beautiful prayer dress gives you an extra motivation to go and perform your Salah.

-It's always clean and without impurities, because you only use it for Salah. If we pray with regular clothes used during the day, they might carry some impurities.

-It's good to create a routine towards your prayer and to stop for a few minutes, use your special prayer dress and create a nice atmosphere. It makes easier to focus on your prayer when you prepare your mind, performing wudu and changing your clothes. It feels like leaving Dunia for a few minutes.

Think about the routine on our special days, Fridays or Eid, we dress our best clothes. There is wisdom behind it, there is wisdom dressing well for Allah and creating that special moment between you and Allah, because it's not just jumping on Salah, it's a full ritual that prepares your mind.

Our main goal is to make you feel comfortable and beautiful during your prayer, Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty, that's why we want to help you with the most important meetings of your day. 

All the dresses are handmade, all the details are important, and we check piece by piece, to make sure that the dress excedes the expectations.

We hope our dresses make you feel amazing on every prayer and helps you create the perfect atmosphere.


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