Everything started a few years ago, when I was in my Qur'an class. My teacher, Aisha, she was about to lead us on Magreb prayer. She is the type of woman you want to sit and listen to for hours, she's very wise.  While we were all performing wudhu, she started changing her clothes, and she put on a nice dress to pray. I remember I was very surprised, and I asked her, why do you wear that nice dress for prayer? Her words are stuck in my mind since then, she said:


-Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty... How am I going to use my ugliest clothes to meet my Lord? She continued saying: When I'm at home, I perform my wudhu, I put perfume and I choose nice clothes to meet Allah. How could I dress amazing for a business meeting, or for a casual meeting with friends, but not putting attention on my meetings with God?


She continued...


-Why do you think we prepare ourselves for Jummua prayer? We have a shower, we put perfume, we dress our best clothes... There is wisdom behind all that previous ritual, we prepare ourselves mentally for the prayer.


That made me think, and I realize that she was right. I even felt guilty because I used to pray with whatever I had at home that could cover my body. I started looking for a nice prayer dress, but I couldn't find the quality I was expecting, so I decided to design it myself, so all the women in the world who would feel the need to dress for our Lord, could find the perfect clothes.


How it started

From design to fabrics

It has been an exciting journey, creating a one piece dress, comfortable, lightweight and beautiful, that could make you feel gorgeous for your prayer.

Everything started with the design, it took more than 20 different designs until we found The One.

We visit a lot of fabric manufacturers, we wanted the perfect satin, perfect texture, colors and weight. The quality of the fabric is a must for 145.


All the dresses are handmade, all the details are important, and we check piece by piece, to make sure that the dress excedes the expectations.

We hope that this dress makes you feel amazing on every prayer.



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